Do you need a dashboard?


Within the past two weeks I have been helping a leadership group in Asia to develop “dashboards” in which the reports from the 27 teams they oversee are “visualized” in such a way to help the leadership group more readily recognize and respond to urgent needs and important opportunities. Often charts and graphs catch our attention better than text and spreadsheets.

To catch a few glimpses of how such dashboards can help nonprofit agencies, see this link and this link.

Three major challenges face anyone producing a dashboard:

  1. Choosing the important “metrics” to be tracked
  2. Developing processes to collect the right data in a consistent and sustainable way
  3. Translating the data into compelling dashboards

As I have assisted with this dashboard, I’ve thought about how not only agencies but also individuals can benefit from dashboards. How about you? Given all the data that bombards you, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff and identify where to focus from week to week and month to month?

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